10 Mind-Boggling Facts About Cricket

It is almost impossible to live in India without being affected by the craze of cricket. It can be said if one has to divide the nation into two it will be done on the basis of those who worship cricket and those who love cricket. The outcome of this game cannot be predicted until the last ball. In this interesting blog, you will come across few mindboggling facts about cricket that you would love to know about.

Listed below are some of the interesting facts about cricket:

  • Cricket was originated in England. It is said that since they raise sheep, the grass used to be too short and it was possible to roll wool on it and it was used as a ball.


  • The first game of cricket was played in the year 1646. Players who missed out the church to play cricket were later fined.
  • During 1760’s the shape of the cricket bat was changed to a straight one from curved.
  • The longest cricket match was played for 14 days, in the year 1939 which was played between South Africa and England and it ended with a tie.
  • The most common reasons for cricket match being suspended is bad light and rainfall.
  • Scoring 100 runs are considered as an achievement when it comes to a cricket match.
  • Once a cricket match was stopped because a pig ran across the field. If an animal enters the field it calls for the suspension of the match.
  • Wasim Akram is the batsman to have hit number of sixes in test innings.

wasim akram

  • Ricky Ponting is the only player who has scored a century in both innings of the 100th test match.

Ricky Ponting

  • Jim Lacker once took 19 wickets in a test match.

Jim Lacker

With this, we come to the end of this interesting blog. These were such facts which you probably did not know, earlier. Apart from all these cricket has many more interesting facts. A cricket lover will definitely love to go through this blog.

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