21 day veggie challenge

It is a health challenge with a fun twist of putting a tray of veggies on a table; use it as a meal or a snack. It takes 21 days to develop a good habit which you can actually include in your diet plan or daily plans. After setting up veggies in a fancy platter, click a photo and begin feasting, you can feast on veggies rather than gorging on snacks. You will not feel hungry for any munching making it much healthier. Encourage your friends by your social media posts and spread the word for this challenge. You can have roasted as well as raw veggies. Roasted veggies which are very healthy include baby potatoes, zucchini and kale chips. Use little oil for light roasting and you are ready to go. Have a healthy salad or a topping of vegetables with all natural dips. Avoid products with too much sugar or preserves.

21 day veggie challenge

A plant-based diet may be the secret to increased energy, better health and saving mother earth. All the extra vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, you can take in by eating a vegetable diet. Set yourself up for this plan’s success by creating a grocery list; Base the list on what are the vegetables you will eat in the next 21 days. Eat food rich in micronutrients and eat a colourful variety of plants. You will get enormous health benefits like lower blood pressure, heart rate and a rebate from most diseases.


  • If you want to lose weight, choose a lower number of servings of nuts, seed and tofu.
  • Do not eat processed oil.
  • Canned vegetables are an easy way to gain more protein.
  • Drink lots of water, it is the best tonic for weight loss.

Diet plan: 21 Day challenge

  • Start with soup/salad
  • You should include 50% non-starchy vegetables( Green leafy vegetables and fruits ( apple, melon, berries.
  • 50% tubers( potato, yam and sweet potato) starchy vegetables like winter squash ), intact brown grains and legumes( peas, lentil, and beans.
  • Drink water and finish with fruits.

Nutrients to focus on

Vitamin B12-

Your body needs vitamin B 12 to make red blood cells and for nerve function.

Omega 3 Fatty acids- Omega 3 fatty acids are used in the formation of cell walls and assist in improving circulation. One should eat flax seeds, winter squash, walnuts and chia seeds.

21 day veggie challenge

Things to avoid in 21-day challenge

The challenge emphasizes eating alkaline foods and avoiding tea, coffee or alcohol as it would lead to the acid formation and this diet aims to make the body more alkaline.

Things to follow in a 21-day challenger

  • Space your meals to increase your metabolism.
  • Eat brown bread and brown rice, the durum wheat used burns calories faster and they also have more protein.

What are the problems in the 21-day challenge?

Remember, the 21-day challenge is difficult; there will be times when you would become desperate to break it but complete it properly, the results will be astounding and worthy. Drink green tea when you feel like ending it, gear it up and start the challenge.



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