4 Coolest Gadgets Invented in 2018

These days every minute we get to hear that some different technology have come up in the market. With this, the curiosity of gadget lovers also goes high. Since the technology has gone beyond time, it is becoming quite developed and is influential in each step of life. Almost half of our life is ruled by gadgets accept this fact or not. Gadgets like smartphones, earphones, computer/laptops, gaming consoles and many more are among those which we use on regular basis. This blog will help you know about the 4 coolest gadgets that are invented in the year 2018.

Listed below are coolest gadgets invented in 2018:

My Special Aflac Duck- The latest technologies and its invention are based on the education.
This is the reason why many things are being invented by keeping in mind the need and its importance of the society. My Special Aflac Duck also falls in the list of such inventions. It has been invented for the children who are suffering from cancer.

My Special Aflac Duck

This cute duck gadget will help children to mirror their care routines on the duck. They can also express through this by holding a circular token to its chest. Holding a token with a frowning angry or a happy face to the duck will allow the duck to react accordingly. This is being invented with a sense of companionship for the children as they undergo treatments and therapies. The gadget is expected to be available for cancer diagnosed children at free of cost either by late 2018 or by early 2019.

Lenovo Smart Display- Lenovo Smart Display is a voice-activated computer displays supplementary information on its screen. It’s a bit like Amazon Echo and works as a Google Assistant. For example, if you are looking for the restaurant recommendations then Smart Display will extract all the information about nearby restaurants and display them on its screen. However, this voice-activated computer has three key advantages which are:

Lenovo Smart Display

Play Youtube Videos


Large Screen


Polished Designed (which can easily blend into the home)

Samsung’s “The Wall” TV- Samsung believes in the fact that TV is not made for a specific size, in fact, it should be available in different sizes. That’s the idea behind inventing the new 146-inch TV named ‘The Wall’. The company is positioning this TV as a first “modular TV”. You can alter the shape of this television so that it can be used as a multipurpose display.

Samsung's “The Wall” TV

Movi Phone- An android device made with a built-in projector and special features. These days smartphones have become our go-to entertainment devices due to their large screens. This phone is ideal for those who love to watch a movie on a big screen. This newly invented Android phone has an integrated projector which can project 720p videos.

Movi Phone

These technical evolutions will definitely lead your life to a better direction. So, these were the coolest gadgets that have been invented this year. Life becomes much easier with this and people are really thankful for such technical evolution. publisher Brandtopper

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