All Set For 2019 Elections- BJP


BJP is trying their best to win the throne of Lok Sabha in UP. They are gearing up themselves to get on the SP-BSP combine challenge and neutralizing the factor of anti-incumbency against its sitting MPs. BJP is effectively working on, in fielding their strong candidates in UP for the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019.

However, an SP-BSP alliance is still to get into a formal shape but BJP is all prepared to face all such eventualities. According to the senior leader, it has been told that its prime motive is to assure that the two challenging parties and opponents don’t ally. The saffron party is too preparing themselves for the circumstances where they might have to face their merged power.

all set for bjp

Apart from that high authority has notified that it would not happen again 50% candidates, who took the tally of the party to 71. So, it is very clear that the powerful winnable candidates are required this time which will not affect its tally in the state. The key to getting back in NDA’s power in UP is all in the hands of good haul, said by the leader. As reported by the party sources, a list of powerful ministers is being prepared by the party for this. This list includes the name of those ministers who are having a stronghold in their constituencies.

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