An Expensive Diversion “Padmavati”

All our newsfeed whether it is Facebook or TV these days is hacked by the mighty debate of Padmavati or random opinions on it. It’s not easy to escape the recurring debate on it and why to after all. Let’s try to analyze what the pandora box of Padmavati hides.

Assumed to be a petty issue of Fringe action in the initial stages of movie production, the issue arose when a Rajput Group “Karni Sena” objected to the picturization of a certain scene, where Rani Padmavati played by Deepika Padukone is seen making love to character of Allaudin Khilji essayed by Ranveer Singh in Khilji’s Dream Sequence. After a violent altercation with filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali who left no stone unturned to prove there is no such scene in his script, but somehow from there issue refused to die and was continuously fuelled by political beneficiaries for their purpose. In a special screening for selected Journalists, Rajat Sharma, Editor in Chief of India TV clarified there was no such speculated scene in the movie, in fact, there were no objectionable scenes as accused by Rajput Groups and the movie in no way is causing any character harm to the honor of historical or fictional character of Rani Padmini, but all to deaf ears.

An Expensive Diversion "Padmavati"

The issue of Padmavati is continuously popped up on regular intervals and now it has just taken a massive form, wherein the head of states have even refused to screen it in their states if “objectionable” scenes are not removed. Some ruling party representatives even openly announcing a reward on the head of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika of 10cr. The similar proposition being put forward by Karni Sena too. Which again poses a really important question since when did Open Contract Killing threats became mainstream and more importantly how should the absolute silence of Govt. be interpreted on this as a sign of allegiance, support or merely ignorance due to other “pressing” political occupancies. Adding to the woes of makers CBFC rejected the certification of the movie on accounts of technical submission error, specifically citing the delay in submission for certification, keeping in mind release date of 1st Dec and displeasure over public screening for select individuals before certification.

Amongst all of this, a bigger question confronts us. What is Padmavati Issue? A marketing strategy gone awry, A Votebank appeasement opportunity or a 10cr Diversion from a more relevant and concerning political issue. For acting as a diversion it definitely is an expensive diversion, so what does it divert us from actually. Is it the Farmer Protests in Delhi, or the Patidar political Tussle in Gujarat or anything else, or is it merely just an acting diversion till the Gujarat Elections. It’s certainly difficult to apprehend with surety at this point but in coming days it’ll be clear.

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