Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India

Cancer has become a common disease in India. One has to manage the disease depending on the kind of cancer. Cancer plans are many but you have to choose the right one depending on factors.

Step one- In case of a history of any such life-threatening diseases, you should get a medical checkup.

Step two- Consider an insurance plan that covers cancer treatment and is an easy buy within your insurance budget.

The problems caused by diseases like cancer can be cured. All major insurance companies are providing such plans that can support you in your treatment. This blog will talk about the best cancer plans in India, their features and what are the reasons to choose the particular policy that can benefit you.

Best cancer insurance plans for 2017 in India are-:

HDFC cancer life insurance plan-:

Key features of this plan-:

  • Life care policies are available in various plans including gold, silver and platinum.
  • It covers people from the ages of 18-65 years.
  • The term covers the period from the minimum 10 years to 20 years.
  • The sum you are assured for will increase 10% per annum in specific plans.
  • The Platinum plan assures income benefits of a specific amount in a five year term.


This plan covers the insured from the first stage like free cancer screening to the cost of chemotherapy, medication, etc. You are insured against Cancer and heart diseases even which are rare, you are not only choosing a cancer policy but much more.

The key features and benefits of the insurance plan include the followings:

  • All kinds of Cancer are covered but not skin cancer.
  • It covers people from the age groups of 18-65 years.
  • 2 to 10 lacs sum is the minimum and maximum sum of insurance respectively.
  • The policy term covers a gap of 5-40 years.
  • Family health plans are also available.
  • 50,000 INR worth of income benefits to the insurer.
  • The medical cover can be increased by the stroke of 10% every term.
  • Income benefits to the tune of 10% till insurance premium doubles.


Aegon Cancer insurance plan-:

This plan is an all-inclusive plan which covers the cost of illnesses. The payouts are designed to aid the insured person during the entire phase of the disease. The features and benefits of this plan are-:

  • The minimum sum is 10 lakh to 40 lakh respectively. You have the requisite premium for every age.

  • The policy duration term covers a minimum of 5 -70 years on an insurance plan.

  • Average payout is 150% benefits for every premium plan.

The insurance market has many policies, all companies provide many benefits and features in policies to cater to the needs of different people. Check all clauses to select the perfect plan.aegon-religare-logo


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