Bollywood Reigning Queen Deepika and Her Fitness Tips

Bollywood beauties remain always at the top of the buzz whether it is for their beauty, acting or fitness. Today’s reigning Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone is known to be the fittest actress in our Hindi film industry today. Many of us know that her father is a badminton player. Yasim Karachiwala, her fitness trainer helps her to maintain her fitness and remain calm at all times. This hot beauty has a great metabolism structure and believes in fit rather than slim.

Know the secret behind her fitness

Bollywood reigning queen Deepika and her fitness tips (1)

She has a perfect, slim and toned body which is also the proof of her strict diet, discipline and hard work. She does Yoga- Surya Namaskar and some asanas like car stretch, warrior pose & shoulder stands. Apart from that, she does Pranayama and meditation for her mind relaxation. This hot beauty’s fitness regime includes weight training, cardio & pilates.

Not a Gym Freak but a fitness freak

Being an actress she has a tough and busy life schedule then also she follows her fitness schedule very well. Whenever she is busy with her shoot then also she indulges herself in other fitness activities like simply walking, swimming and running.

That’s how Deepika Padukone remains active and maintains her well toned slim body.

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