Dengue patient dies, parents billed Rs 16 lakh for 2 weeks in ICU

Only if the pain of losing your loved ones was less, only apathy and the latency of greed could make it worse. The insensitivity Humans have harbored towards the human lives, constantly springs up on us at regular intervals and reminds us of exactly where we are headed with it.

A family recently lost their 7-year-old girl, who was undergoing treatment for Dengue in Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI),Gurugram only to realize that they had been billed humongously high of 18 Lakh INR for 15 days of treatment, and they couldn’t collect the dead body of their child from Hospital without depositing the bill. Only if the treatment was anywhere justifiable or the tools were too expensive one could have even imagined or at least conceptualized this hefty bill, which is commonly accounted for operational procedures of Cancer, Neuro or Heart surgeries, but when you’d hear the contents and elaboration of how they were charged, you may once want to question the authorities yourself.

Dengue or Apathy? Whose hands are Bloody here

Besides prescribing expensive medicines, the hospital billed them for 660 syringes and 2700 gloves during her 15-day hospital stay, A 20-page itemised bill from the hospital added up to Rs 18 lakh. While one may wonder to treat one patient 660 syringes and 2700 gloves seem bit fishy, but the hospital remains adamant on its claim that the expenses are duly justified.

Official statement from FMRI reads “
All standard medical protocol was followed during the treatment and all clinical guidelines were adhered to. An itemised bill spread over 20 pages was explained and handed over to the family at the time of their departure from the hospital”. While Health Minister JP Nadda promised action into the case. A 3 member team constituting a Deputy Civil Surgeon, a pediatrician, and epidemiologist is summoned to probe the possible irregularities. IMA National President while not ruling out the possibility of any irregularity has however maintained a defensive outlook towards FMRI saying “This was not a simple case of dengue, the patient was serious and was shifted from a tertiary hospital to a bigger hospital, it was a severe dengue case, child was serious, patient was in ICU for 13 days and on ventilator for 11 days. If you have to revive a patient, doctors must try every possible treatment available,” said Dr. KK Agarwal. Additionaly he says “Packets of 200 gloves each are given to safai karmcharis, nurse and doctors to attend any patient but it has to accountable and unused ones should be returned, similarly, any syringe unused must be returned”

While all the inquiry , all the defence and all the accusations won’t bring Adya back, there is always a bigger question that will haunt us, that whether Human Life became so valueless and just a little epathy so rare. Did all of this the basic rights of a Human, the basic need of Healthcare became such a shrwed business that dead bodies began to cost 18 lakhs. Investigating team will submit its report in 2-3 days and will shed light on the whole issue more clearly. Until then if we may ask ourselves, Who killed Adya? Dengue or Apathy or perhaps the Greed. On whose hands the blood rests.

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