Dispelling the myths about Executive MBA in India

Professionals working in a corporate set up know that climbing up that much-said ‘corporate ladder’ requires more than just hard work and sincerity. It requires an MBA. To further your progression in career or even to get a promotion, an MBA can give you the needed edge and can save you some years doing that. For experienced professionals in India, an executive MBA can be a highly rewarding enterprise. Having said that, there happen to be a lot of myths about the executive MBA in India. Here are a few tips to help you bust those.

Deceptive Course Titles-: You’d be amazed by the number of candidates in India, who take up the one-year management course mistaking it for the executive MBA program. Most of the institutes offering the management courses tend to have ‘Executive’ in their formal titles. This fuels the confusion even further. Titles such as PGPX (Post Graduate Program for Executives) or Executive Graduate Program in Management (EPGP) make things worse for those who seek executive management programs.

Work Experience Prerequisite-: Executive MBA programs are sought after by the professionals who are familiar with the corporate set-up and its functioning to move up their designation or to gain promotions. Therefore, such programs have been designed keeping in mind the work-experience of the candidates seeking admissions and require them to have a fair understanding of the industry as well as the organizational hierarchy. Coincidently, the programs offered by Indian institutes also happen to adhere to such specifications and therefore, make it unclear whether the ones they are offering are executive or not.

Course Duration-: A lot of management institutes offer one-year management programs that give out the impression of a less rigorous and a more relaxed study course but that is far from reality. On the contrary, One-year programs tend to have a stringent curriculum and presume that the applicant already has a working knowledge of the business operationality. This further emboldens the misconception of them offering an executive program.


An executive MBA program is a management study course usually of a duration of 12 months that has been designed as a part-time course for the working individuals. Often pursued through a distance-mode or even online, this program helps executives experience different business perspectives as well as gain new skills leading to an enhanced career growth. Not only does it help the working professionals understand the nuances of business management but it also allows them to interact and gain useful insights from the leaders in corporate management through an improved overall networking. Executives can adapt themselves to an ever-changing business environment through an improved synergy with the top corporate leaders. Sitting with the Who’s who of the industry, professionals can stay abreast of all the recent changes and developments. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you pursue the right course and not be swayed away by the myths or deceiving titles.

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