How to find a career that suits you?

One of the most crucial decisions that you’re ever going to make is choosing the right career path for you. Evaluating your skills and abilities and based on them, making a wise comparison is the first step in charting the right career course for you. While it doesn’t take a genius to assess your skills and ambitions and make an informed decision, many have erred on this. A career that does not utilize your talents and skills leads to dissatisfaction and career disruptions down the line. Below are some tips to help you make that decision.

1.) Determine your skills and talents-: Assess yourself. Who are you? What is it that you enjoy doing? What makes you happy? All of us have a knack for something that comes to us naturally. We are much more likely to do well in a subject of our choosing rather than in one that has been forced upon us. Therefore, it is pertinent that you carefully gauge your strengths and weaknesses and make a well- informed decision accordingly.

2.) Weigh up the available opportunities-: Once, you’ve ascertained your natural flair, it is advisable to track and evaluate the employment opportunities available in the market in that particular field of study. There’s no point in taking a five-year course only to discover unavailability of jobs in the market.

3.) Research-: Research never hurts. Seek more and more knowledge on your area of interest. Newspapers, books, internet are all good sources of information and can prove to be a helping hand in your quest to search for the right course. Besides, the basic idea of the course, an extensive research gives you a know-how idea of how exactly is that course going to pan out in the future. Research helps you get a feel of what it is to be there actually. Read a lot of reviews and get to know the place even before you go there. Meet the students already studying there, they will give you the ground realities and can tell you what all it is that entails your chosen course.

4.) Seek professional advice-: It is always a good idea to seek proper guidance and advice about the field from a competent authority, it could be anybody from the experts in that area to ones that are familiar with your area of interest. Proper counseling and information can help you have a clear view and understanding of what it is that lies ahead in your chosen career path. From job opportunities in that field to know the usual ‘career graph trajectory’ in your area of study, research helps you make a rather informed decision about it.

In the nutshell, only a career that suits your natural abilities and skills is going to take you far and will hold the key to your happiness. Therefore, it is imperative to assess your potential and natural inclination and find a field of study accordingly. You know what they say about success and happiness, “People rarely succeed if they don’t enjoy doing what they do ”.

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