Great Reasons To Add Bottle Gourd To Your Diet

Bottle Gourd also is known as Calabash Gourd which is a vine grown for its fruit. It is a quintessential veggie that is highly beneficial especially for summers. It is indeed a liver friendly vegetable and usually like a bottle in shape. The cultivation of Bottle Gourd is done in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and China.

Now let’s explore about great reasons to add Bottle Gourd to your diet:

  • It is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber

  • Promotes weight loss

  • The water content in it helps to keep your digestive track clean

  • The fat and cholesterol content in it is quite low

  • It has got an excess amount of water content

  • It keeps your body cool and refreshed during summers

  • It has rich iron content

  • It contains sodium which maintains blood pressure

  • Bottle gourd juice helps to treating gray hair

  • It is great for treating insanity, indigestion and acidity

  • It also reduces the burning sensation in urinary passage

  • The content of Zinc in it plays a very important role in improving nerve health

Bottle gourd is really healthy for a better mind and body. Adopting it in your lifestyle will make you feel the noticeable difference in your health. by Bottle gourd

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