How to make your Mobile Phone into a web camera for Windows PC

Mobile Phone, well-known as Smart Phone, is the future of the World. Stuffed with incredible technologies, like the innovative HD camera system, beautiful display, super fast processor with varying clock speeds, have enabled users to experience a new world on the fingertips — from shopping through Apps to capturing videos from camera to sharing photos on Social Media — it is the device for the next few years.

However, it is not just a smartphone, there are also few techniques that allow a smartphone to work for a variety of programs. TV or AC Remote, Speed Checker, Calorie Counter, Currency Rate Calculator, WebCam and more are some other uses that can be done by a Mobile Phone. Most Social Media and Audio Call websites have enabled video-calling features, and therefore, a webcam-enabled PC is a must for Today’s generation. For those who have a laptop, don’t need to worry about webcam, but what about those who only have a desktop PC.

We found a solution for them, just configure a smartphone it to act as a webcam for your Windows computer.

All it takes is the right mobile application and Windows PC, and a few instructions to be followed correctly. In this guide, we will explain all the steps required to change your smartphone into a webcam, for your Windows PC:

Step 1 Download & Install the EpocCam HD Wireless PC Webcam/DroidCam Wireless Webcam app on the smartphone

Note : EpocCam HD Wireless PC Webcam for iOS and DroidCam Wireless Webcam for Android.

Download & Install the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app/EpocCam HD Webcam app on the Phone. It is there on the Play Store/App Store. Once the app installs on your smartphone, drive to your Windows PC and follow the next step.

Step 2 Download & Install the EpocCam 2.5/DroidCam Client on your Windows PC (for 8 & higher versions)

Open a browser on the Windows PC and Install the software or visit these web pages: EpocCam 2.5 / DroidCam Windows Client. Download the software from the web page(s) and Install it on the PC.

For iOS,

How to make your Mobile Phone into a web camera for Windows PC

For Android,

For Android

Step 3 Connect the Webcam app with the Windows App

We believe both Phone and Windows PC are connected to the same Wireless Network or Router. If not, please connect it to the same wireless network. Get the IP of the Phone, it may starts from or check the IP on the Router Page.

What is an IP?

IP is the short form of Internet Protocol, which is assigned to each device that has an Internet connection.

What is a Router Page?

Router Page is the place, where one can find the information about the wireless network, devices connected/blocked, IP setting to router, wireless passcode and more. A user can check the IP address of the devices that are connected with the Router.

Got the IP? Open both App and Windows Software Client, both may ask to update the IP and port. We hope you get to know the IP and Port from the above discussion or when you open the App, a pop-up (shown in the screenshot) will give details about the IP and port.

A dialog-box will show-up on the Windows PC screen, enter the Device IP and the Port Number displayed on your mobile device. Click Start (check mark Video & Audio boxes) to complete the process.

Step 4 Check the Video-Preview on the Windows PC

If the information is entered correctly, see a video preview on your Windows PC. Set the smartphone or place it in a way so there won’t be any shakes or trembles.

Step 5 Set the Webcam on the Video-Call App on your Windows PC

Everything is set correctly NOW. Therefore, it is the time to open the video-call App on the Windows PC and set the installed Webcam Client Software in the setting.

 make your Mobile Phone into a web camera for Windows PC

Video-Call Apps : Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Open the App and Enjoy the Video-call!

Note: USB cable is also an option to connect a smartphone to the PC, wherein the freedom to move the phone won’t be there. However, with the wireless connection, you can easily move the phone to somewhere else within the Wifi range.

If these are less, share more here in the comment box so the readers could find more information on the topic.

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