How to post pictures to Instagram from a desktop PC

Instagram is a mobile-version photo sharing app that allows users to share photos and videos. There are even more features let users edit photo/video before publishing online. More often, it is among the most used social media platforms leading the Internet World NOWADAYS. However, the most obtuse thing about the Instagram is it doesn’t allow a user to post photos from low-level version software like MAC, Windows, and Linux; the only solution for this is to use Android and iOS Instagram apps on Android and iOS-based phones.

Instagram didn’t declare any update on this in the recent days. However, we’ve some tips that can allow users to upload photos in a simpler way. As most of the users are having Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 version PCs, we explain the process of Uploading Instagram

For Windows 10,

  1. Instagram App is available on the Store. Search and Install it on the PC. Moreover, use Cortana and install the App orally.


  1. After Installation, the App icon pins to the Home Screen.

  2. Tap or Click the icon to open.

  3. Sign in to Instagram and view the latest news feed. At the bottom toolbar of the App, there is a + button, Click or tap on it and follow the procedure to upload images on Instagram.


For Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Linux

  1. Open the browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Type on the browser.

  3. Sign in to Instagram and will open in a web-view as shown in the screenshot.

4.After log-in, the account’s home page will display on the screen, right-click anywhere on the screen; a menu will display and from there choose inspect element option (Use shortcut keys – Ctrl+Shift+i to open inspect element tool).

Instafram Image5.Click the Toggle device toolbar or Use shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+m to change the view from desktop to mobile or vice-versa.

Instagram Image

6 .The upload option will start showing on the web browser (if the upload option is not showing even after clicking Ctrl+Shift+m, then tap F5 on the keyboard – the option of upload will start showing on the screen).


We bring these tips to make a user to browser IoT in a lot easier way than anywhere else. Try these out and use desktop to upload all your life-connecting photos on Instagram.

If these are less, share more here in the comment box so the readers could find more information on the topic.

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