Love or Jihad?

As Shefin Jahan awaits Supreme Court’s proceeding on Hadiya’s custody battle; the authenticity of “Love Jihad” concept resurfaces to our conscience. The political feast of Right Wing and a dark blot on Muslims. Love Jihad comes across as a widely debatable concept, owing to the extent of its authenticity determination. To act on it, we have to assume it’s an ideological movement or to find a restraining solution to it, we have to analyze and understand personal case studies to determine the specific authenticity of each case.

Most importantly denial of any of the two possibilities completely is ought to take us in a misguided direction. A slowly projected collage of multiple reportings mainly in North India, the concept sprung into wide fame with the recurring usage by recognized right-wing politicians and stepped into social questioning with the recent case of Hadiya.

Love or Jihad

Hadiya a 24-year-old Girl who converted to Islam before her marriage to Shefin Jahan and changed her name from Akhila had been placed into her father’s custody on his appeal stating ” She isn’t safe and he feared for her well being with her husband”. However, Hadiya contradicts his version of the story and says whatever she did was by her consent and she feels no sense of danger and doesn’t fear for anything with her husband. The authenticity of anyone’s claim here or the actual circumstances cannot be speculated based on media reporting and can perhaps only be analyzed by Supreme Court Judge now.

But the trajectory of the rise of concept “Love Jihad” can be the subject of the factual case study as follows

Among the 89 reported cases of concept investigated by NIA; 9 were found to be genuine attempts at links with IS(Islamic State)

Across the country, 270 men and 20 women have been held on solid charges of links with IS but the only state where links between IS and Love based conversions can be traced.

Over the period of past 28 months, several interfaith couples in the southern state of Kerala have been questioned about their marriages.


According to NIA claims the prime aim of the procedure is to lure women into love trap and send them off to conflicted areas to accompany terrorists, for purpose of sex slavery and other horrible tasks.

In the midst of political tug-of-war and religious rigidity somewhere the genuine issue and its solutions are once again disappearing. Two consenting adults are free to engage in a married union freely, that’s a fundamental right and To exploit an ideal as beautiful as “Love”, for the purpose of horrible events like terrorism, sexual exploitation or just religious expansion is pathetic. It’s perhaps the duty of the citizens to protect both and to a large extent politics deviates us from an impending solution and takes away the focus towards binding religious hatred into society, which benefits the political beneficiaries in all the ways possible.

All eyes will be on Supreme Court henceforward to only deliver a righteous judgement in Hadiya’s case but also to put forward a moral commentary separating the practice of Love, Religiously inspired Extremist Terrorism and the poisonous diverting involvement of political beneficiaries in the whole big picture.

‘Our Simple Love Story Has Turned Into An Ugly Battle,’ as in his own words by Shefin. Perhaps that is what all of us strive, not to be the case for anyone who has loved truly nor anyone be subjected to a horrific life in the name of “Love”.

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