Odd-Even: A Crumbled piece of Help

With the Smog situation in the national capital and surrounding areas being a matter of high concern to residents and of light humor to some. It definitely has managed to grasp our attention towards a tiny glimpse of what fiddling incessantly with nature can bring us to. To the residents of Delhi/NCR and nearby states, its definitely a matter of the basic right to breath but it has once again managed to expose the poor mismanagement, internal coordination and the last minute awareness of our authorities.

Delhi odd- even

With Delhi Govt. filing a reconsideration request in the National Green Tribunal regarding the implementation of Odd-Even, which was earlier squashed by the same citing it “Not a singular solution to the complex problem and if its needed to be implemented, it has to go ahead without any exemption”. Whereas on this front Delhi Govt. has raised a white flag saying ” They don’t possess adequate Public transport Infrastructure to go ahead with complete exemption without creating a chaotic situation of common commute”.

While the NGT makes pretty valid points on the implementation of Odd-Even and its questionable affectability. It’s a question that people of Delhi/NCR and neighboring states would need to ask their leaders that What they were doing when it was definitively anticipated to be facing this smog situation around this time of year. When it has been a regular occurrence with the deteriorating climatic conditions and various other factors. Were all of the leaders waiting to be drowned till the nose before acting? and now all of the leaders including specifically the Chief Ministers of Haryana, Delhi and Punjab have been passing the blame upon each other for not coordinating well and obstructing each other’s way in acting upon the situation.

Punjab and Haryana are key players in the frame because the issue of crop burning is being identified as the major cause of Smog situation in Delhi and if you were to wonder what they have done as of yet to curb it, the answer would be nothing but yes definitely shifting the responsibility of not acting on their counterpart. It seems like any other political issue rising pollution level is another battleground for leaders to shift blame and act as a victim.

While the residents can’t escape from their own sins over years and merely blame the government either. The situation that has appeared in front of us is exactly the result of what we sowed and watered over years. NGT can’t be any more accurate in saying that merely an implementation of Odd-Even will not result into any significant breakthrough but the internal coordination of individuals, leaders and governments involved at each specific stage, in identifying and amending their share of task chronology. To implement anything as in not specifically Odd-Even which is just a very small correction of issue or one could say just surface cleansing, we can never find or see results at a bigger scale because quite simply we aren’t acting at that scale of complexity of the issue, which it has shaped up.

While it remains to be seen what NGT delivers on the reconsideration request towards Odd-Even. The political circus surrounding it is perhaps never going to deliver any result. The complex situations of which it has arisen need to be not only understood but acted upon in the right measures. Odd-Even definitely isn’t the only solution, its one of solutions and one with a minor effect on the overall result. As citizens, we all need to be a part of the solution now and understand our roles in cutting off our source of polluting emissions. Political discourse will take its natural course which is a slow one.

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