SC Orders a temporary ban on Firecrackers due to its Impact On Delhi’s Air

It’s a read that Delhi dies every year after the day of Diwali. An amount of crackers burnt on every Diwali emits more powerful and pained effects of pollution – The reason why the supreme court this time has decided to ban the firecrackers.

On Monday, Supreme Court ordered a temporary ban on the trade of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR region due to the never-ending worst pollution level. The court noted that “the air quality worsens abysmally and the city dies thereby” due to the bursting of firecrackers.

SC Orders a temporary ban on Firecrackers due to its Impact On Delhi's Air

The court has its ‘conclusion’, but data is still required to justify the temporary ban made on Monday. Though simple, there are no proven reports that stating the bursting of crackers is responsible for worsening of air pollution. However, the impact of bursting crackers could be severe and can be correlated to the air pollution with the sale and bursting of fireworks. And it’s the govt’s responsibility to find the right way out. Supreme Court is not a scientist. The court can only declare judgments based on observed facts and not by requests or emotions. There are, of course, various researchers carried by private agencies that show pollution level moves up after Diwali. Still, there are no governmental agencies, which can study the adverse effects of crackers in the environment during Diwali.

SC had asked Central Pollution Control Board to conduct a study

In 2016, taking note of the extent of the rise in pollution levels, Supreme Court had ordered the CPCB to get the report within 48 hours after the Diwali, because of the worsened air conditions due to the harmful effects of the materials used in the manufacture of fireworks.

However, CPCB told the court to hand over the task to another government agency, Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) due to the no jurisdiction of firecrackers. The case keeps pending, and On Sept 12, 2017, SC again picked up the CPCB for failing to conduct the study. The court said that the government officials haven’t paid any attention to the potential health hazards suffered by children due to the vulnerability of such chemicals.

This is how the Supreme Court dealt with the ban of firecrackers in the last two years:


A plea filed against the air pollution caused by firecrackers during the Diwali festive days. The court denied that of banning firecrackers, saying it might be “wrong” to encroach upon the common man’s right to enjoy the celebrations.

SC Orders a temporary ban on Firecrackers due to its Impact On Delhi's Air


The Capital observed the worst Diwali with worst air quality in the last 5 years. The court suspended the licenses of firecracker manufacturers & sellers inside Delhi-NCR.


In Spite of 2016 order, the court while hearing a plea by some firecracker manufacturers inside the Delhi-NCR, modified the order on September 12, 2017, and allowed temporary licenses for sale of crackers.

And that’s the point, where Supreme Court has not been holding any matter on the issue and failed to come up with a concrete judgment. The court in the absence of the correct report has been flip-flopping on the subject over the years.

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