Top 10 Most Used Questions and Commands For Cortana

Cortana is the intelligent virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows PC, Mobiles and other Microsoft devices that use the Internet. It can do things that a mobile can – set reminder, call, send a message, internet searching, and mostly all the things that Hey Siri and Google Assistant perform. Cortana is available in 8 different languages including English, depending on the region, where it is set-up for the first time. However, It is getting better in a gradual way and can answer every kind of command from alarm to lock your phone.

As you will see in this guide, we mentioned few questions and commands that are mostly used on a regular basis.

  1. Cortana can open apps: Open an app easily on the Mobile or Windows Laptop. Tell Cortana to open an app, like: “Open Camera.”

  2. Cortana can search the whole system: Tell Cortana the name of the file and it will immediately begin searching for it, both on your computer and OneDrive cloud account.

  3. Cortana can search on the Internet: Search anything on the web just by your voice. Ask for the location, nearest restaurants, metro stations and more. Additionally, if Cortana cannot explain a question or command, it will automatically do a Bing search and show the results.

  4. Cortana can make modifications to OS setting: Whether you want to turn Wireless Setting off or Flight Mode on, all your commands will obey by Cortana. Just say “Hey Cortana, turn Bluetooth On!”.

  5. Cortana can turn up and down the volume: When listening to music or watching a movie, you can turn up and down the volume without any physical sense. Just say, Cortana, turn the volume up or down, it will automatically increase or decrease the volume bar.

  6. Cortana can tell you the climate status: Cortana will show the information about the weather of the current day when commanded. Additionally, it will display you the weather details of the consecutive days.

  7. Cortana can add tasks, events and more: Tell Cortana to plan an event or add a task to the calendar. It will give notifications or alerts before the commencement of the event or task day.

  8. Cortana can schedule alarms: You can wake-up in the early morning or at the mid-night, anytime it is possible just command your virtual assistant – Cortana about the wake-up time. It sets the alarm accordingly, and the phone or PC will wake you up through Alarm at the specified time.

  9. Cortana can identify a song: Play a song or video, and tell Cortana to recognize the song.

Command – Hey Cortana, what song is this?

After listening to the song for a short while, the Cortana will tell the name of the song.

  1. Cortana can perform calculations: Get the answer to a simple or complex mathematics problem through Cortana. For example, Ask, Hey Cortana, what is 10 multiply by 30, and you’ll get the answer right on the screen.

We believe you will enjoy using Cortana as much as you can by the above commands and questions. If these are less, share more here in the comment box so the readers could find more information on the topic.

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