Top 5 Football Players of All Time

We are already in the mid of witnessing the fair share of disappointment, excitement, sorrow and joy when it comes to football. All of us might have witnessed it all, right from Ronaldo’s drop to the rise of Kevin De Bruyne. This season is turning each of us crazy.

Let us have a look on the list of top football players of all time:

  • Michale Platini:

Michale Platini is one of the greatest players in France. He is a very smart and talented playmaker. He owns the credit of making France the superpower when it comes to football.

Michale Platini

  • Johan Cruyff:

No player in the history of sport has as much importance as Johan Cruyff when it comes to football. He is a brilliant pioneer to football who introduced great ideas to football.

Johan Cruyff

  • Ronaldo Nazario:

Ronaldo is one of the greatest strikers in football. He was 17 when he started playing football and is a Brazillian origin.

  • Alfredo Di Stefano:

Alfred is an integral part of world football. He had a very long career in football and was among the top footballer of the world. He is best known in the history for his achievement in Real Madrid.

  • Garrincha:

Garrincha is the winner of two world cups and is one of the most talented players ever. He has the credit of entertaining much public with his tricks, skills and flicks. He had a very unique way of playing football.


With this, we come to the end of a list of top 5 football players of all time. They are the ones who have maintained the craze of football among the viewers and public.

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