Top Natural Ways To Get Rid of Hair Fall

Excessive hair fall is something which every person is facing these days. Whether men or women and even children too are suffering from hair loss. Earlier, it occurs generally due to ageing, childbirth or medications. But now, it has become the problem of almost every individual due to the various reasons like stress, poor diet, harsh hair treatments and many more. Here, we have the best natural solutions to counteract on this major problem with no side effects.

Following are some natural tips to get rid of hair fall:

  • Practice Meditation: Meditation is the best way to deal with stress. It improves our thought process, reduces stress and restores your hormonal balance. In our daily schedule, we should take out a few minutes to meditate. This will help you to reset your emotions and make your mind calm.


  • Drink plenty of water: A human hair shaft is composed 25% of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and promote hair growth.


  • Eat vitamin-rich foods: You might be aware of the benefits of vitamins but have no idea of its effects on hair. Vitamin-rich foods are extremely good for your hairs and promote hair growth. These vitamin rich foods include sweet potatoes, fish eggs, egg yolk, amla, orange, almonds, spinach, cabbage, broccoli etc.

Eat vitamin-rich foods

  • Avoid using chemicals: Stop using hair colors, sprays, perms, heat and relaxers on your hair. They may give you your desired look but causes damage to your hair and makes it more dry and brittle. It is strictly recommended to avoid using such chemicals when you are facing the hair loss.


  • Apply Onion Juice: Applying onion juice on the scalp is a very popular home remedy and has been proven effective for treating the patchy hair loss. The sulfur content present in the onions helps in boosting the collagen production which promotes the hair growth.


  • Use Amla Rinse: Amla is an Indian herb which is highly nutritious and a great source of Vitamin C, iron and carotene. It has been proved very effective in treating hair loss, in fact, this practice has been continued from ancient times to treat hair loss. It’s a very simple process where you just have to soak amla in water overnight. After this rinse your hair regularly with this water after shampoo.


Above we have discussed the best possible natural ways and few home remedies also to treat hair fall problems. So, must implement these natural hair care solutions and get your hair back to the life.

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